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Murphy Dry Dashing Specialists have been providing dry dashing services to the Dublin area for almost 3 decades. Pebble Dashing is the process of small stones being applied to a building's facade, giving the building's facade a rich, textured finish. This elegant and traditional technique has been around for generations; however, modern advances mean that we the process is incredible fast, whilst never compromising the quality of the finish. Our modern peddle dashing service offers a comprehensive selection of colour and style.
For a full house, our process take 2 days from start to finish. If you have an extension that you want to match up to your current pebble dashing, we can call out and check for colour and texture, ensuring we get the best possible match.

We offer a call out service where we can assess the area to be dry dashed and provide you with a full and comprehensive quote. It is worth taking the rest of the home into consideration when choosing a stone e.g. the colour of the garage? Are the neighbours’ homes in all different colours, will your home fit in well with the aesthetic of the neighbourhood. We can offer advice in terms of stone. To see our different finishes, click here. Our materials are sourced locally and we only use the best.


We know that no two homes are ever the same. We have a variety of finishes to choose from and can even match up or dry dashing to an existing finish. We source all our stone from Irish suppliers and all our materials are of high quality.


The Process

Our process takes on average of two days to complete, from start to finish. To learn more about what we do. Visit our process page.

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Benefits of Dry Dashing

  • Large choice of colours and stone to choose from

  • No need to paint

  • Adds an extra layer to your home – increased protection, soundproofing, insulation etc.

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